Growing Younger: The hacks of looking younger day by day

Skin care routine

It is often said that beauty declines when aging and the science of growing younger may seem like a fairy-tale. The truth is that a growing younger with age totally depends on general wellness of an individual and also points to lifestyle.  By knowing the causes and possibles hacks to growing younger, we can achieve […]

Keto Truth: Everything You Need To Know About Ketogenic Diet

keto diet

You’ve probably heard about the keto diet even if you may not know exactly what it entails in general. To start with, keto diet is an ultra-low carb, high-fat diet that has shown promise in managing Type 2 diabetics and in weight loss. But what’s all the fuss about? Is it really safe? Are there […]

Growth Mindset: Guide to Growth Focused Mind From Fixed Mindset


Getting out of a fixed mindset and developing a growth mindset can be difficult. What happens over time is that people learn certain habits or patterns of beliefs that are specifically tied into experiences that are often painful. These ugly experiences  as case may be build up over time until the person becomes convinced that […]

What is Endomorph: Definition of Body Type and Endomorph Diet

Endomorph definition, body types and diet is something that requires a knowledgeable understanding to getting the best in any healthy body shape that you greatly desire. You may have come across the saying or read in a book that you eat what matches your body type to maintain a particular shape. In other words, eating […]

Knowing and Overcoming Procrastination: The Ultimate Guide

Knowing and overcoming procrastination can not be overlooked if you want the best out of life. Ordinarily, people wonder why things are not getting done the way they ought to be and have asked some questions at some point if really, its procrastination or just being lazy. Procrastination means different things to different people and […]

Quality Over Quantity: The Ultimate Guide To A Happier Life

Quality Over Quantity

Quality over quantity appears to be a common phrase or term use in these present day often times, but the meaning and idea to individuals might vary due to level of understanding. Most of the times, the misconception of actually thinking that both phrase could differ minimally may cause a negative or positive impact when […]

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