What is Endomorph: Definition of Body Type and Endomorph Diet

Endomorph definition, body types and diet is something that requires a knowledgeable understanding to getting the best in any healthy body shape that you greatly desire. You may have come across the saying or read in a book that you eat what matches your body type to maintain a particular shape. In other words, eating habit contributes to different body types and look. However,  irrespective of your body shape and type that is, endomorph, mesomorph, or ectomorph. The diet you consume can effectively maximize the general body strength thereby enhancing your general health and fitness.

If you are aspiring to either shed off excess pounds or add some muscles, getting the desired results includes following a healthy diet and maintaining a regular exercise to keep the body type in shape. Some people with endomorph body type or shape struggle with diet and means of loosing weight. Nonetheless, understanding body type and diet from other body types will be the key to know exactly what to do, what to eat and what not to eat.

What Is The Definition of Endomorph Body Type?

An endomorph is one of the body types that tends to gain weight and keep them. They tend to have thick ribcage with larger bone structures, wider hips and shorter limbs. They are wider compared to other body types with more muscles that is accompanied by body fat. They could easily add some pounds by just eating some cravings outside their usual meal. Having endomorph body type does not mean they always add some pounds or cannot be healthy. It just means that their shape differs, but can be very strong and  healthy and are as capable as other two body types. They have maximum strength due to extra muscles in their body. However, it becomes a difficult task and requires a hard work to loose some of the added muscles or fat when the need to loose them arises.

Another body characteristics of endomorph body types is that they have a curvier shape due to their larger bone structure. Having this body type does not mean you are fat which mostly goes with a negative myth  https://www.everydayhealth.com/diet-nutrition/endomorph-diet/. I want to disregard any negative representation to any myth attached to endomorph body type and to enable you to actually embrace all the  sides about what your body type is. Embrace the strength, curvy and thicker bones that makes you unique as a person.

Having explained what endomorph body types means, lets dive into knowing what other two body types are by giving a short description of each of them.

Definition of Other Body Types

body types and shapes

The three basic body types are; endomorph, mesomorph and ectomorph. Having a particular shape of body does not completely  bound you to that category. However, your genetics, lifestyle, exercise and training play a major role on your look which can change as time progresses.

Mesomorph Body Type

The individual in this category are muscular in nature and can easily gain and lose weight. Their shoulders are some wide with a thin waist and their stomach is round. If you fall under this body type category with a thin joint and muscles, the tendency to be fit naturally is there with little or no exercise.  Having these characteristics does not make you healthier than people in other body type category. The mesomorph body type have the tendency to easily go back to their pre shape whenever they go out of shape. This is because their body is enhanced by adding more muscles and burning down fat more easily.

Ectomorph Body Type

Ectomorph body type on the other hand are individuals that are lean and long. Their metabolism is very high and are faster compare to endomorph and mesomorph body type. This makes weight gain very difficult for the individuals in this category of body type. https://betterme.world/. 

The people in this group can eat a whole lot of food and still maintain the same body shape because muscular gain is very minimal. In other words they can be refer to as hardgainers because they really find it difficult to gain muscles. There is really no change in shape even when they manage to add some weight. They still appear skinnier or thin especially in their arms.

The ectomorph body type does not represent weakness or under weight, they are strong and healthy and still looks like someone with bigger muscles. There may be remedy to gaining weight if you find yourself in this category. Eating more food in excess, but again while stress yourself to that extent when you are as healthy as any individual in other body type category.

What Can You Eat As An Endomorph?

As you now know, endomorph body type is generally and primarily more likely to store fat due to their body composition. Their wider waistline accommodates excess fat deposits. This makes them more prone to insulin resistance. Therefore, when choosing any diet or when going for a meal, they are encouraged to choose the right diet in order to address any insulin resistance related. The higher body fat composition and insulin resistance should be a guide to choosing a well balanced diet that would minimize any harm to their health and general wellness.

According to https://www.webmd.com/diabetes/insulin-resistance-syndrome insulin resistance occurs when the cells in your muscles , liver, fat do not respond to insulin that the pancreas pumps out for energy. This inability to use the pumped out insulin that the pancreas had previously produced, will stimulate pancreas to start producing more insulin and over time the accumulated level of insulin in the blood becomes high making the sugar level high.

With this reason, endomorph body type are super encouraged to engage in a well balanced diet with a reduction in carbohydrate general consumption.  With a minimal intake of carbohydrates, the body makes use of them mostly as energy and prevents them from storing up as fat which further prevents general body fat and enhances fat loss.

Percentage of Daily Requirement in Endomorph Diet

If you are in the group of endomorph body types and you are looking for a diet to shed off some weight or gain some muscles, then you might consider a meal plan that best suits your body type.  From what is known already about endomorph and how uneasy it is for them to loose weight or calories compared to other body types (ectomorph and mesomorph). You should choose quality meal over quantity meal to get the best result.

The best diet plan according to American Council of Exercise   for your body type should contain a higher protein and fat with a lower carbohydrates in order to help you loose body fat and still maintain a high level of energy. Following this percentage of 35 percent fat, 35 percent protein and 30 percent carbohydrates will level up your energy during meal prep. However, using the listed percent during meal prep is not enough for endomorph during weigh loss or control and so other elements might be considered during the course of weight loss.

Another element to consider greatly is the portion of consumed meal, since reducing body fat is difficult for endomorph body type. Consuming calories lower than your usual will help achieve that weight loss goal and consuming them moderately to avoid being over or under.

Examples of good sources of protein and fat are; Nuts, Cheese, Whole eggs, Beef, Avocados, Fatty fish, dark chocolates, Chia seeds and many more to mention. Check more on heathline.com

Food List For Endomorph Diet

The saying goes that when it comes to shedding weight and getting a trimmed waist line, endomorphs work tirelessly in achieving that goal. Taking more protein, low carb food and healthy fats should be the centre of their diet and using this approach according to everydayhealth.com will improve their insulin resistance. Below are some of the listed food that endomorph should greatly consider eating often to get a trim waist line and loose body fat.

Vegetables and Berries; tomatoes, onions, greens ( kale, collard and spinach), pears, avocado, apples.

Fish and Meat; salmon, chicken and turkey

Grains; brown rice, quinoa, lentils, oats, corn,

Diary; Milk, yogurt, cheese

Nuts and Seeds; pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts

endomorph meal bowl


Take Away facts

The journey of weight loss can be very challenging and most of the times, it might appear that nothing is working and your efforts are not paying off. nonetheless, understanding your body types in the 3 body categories and using a specified order of challenges may help you achieve a set goal during weight loss. Having an endomorph body type does not mean you cannot get your ideal fitness goals.

Maintaining a steady meal prep and putting procrastination aside in starting a weight control journey will also help you achieve any body type you so much desire. You can read more about procrastination from our  previous post

Maintaining a moderately consumed meal, getting a regular physical activity, drinking water are all healthy behaviors that is recommended for most people and endomorph as well. The habit of keeping a healthy lifestyle by avoiding unhealthy eating habit may help you shed off unwanted fats and maintains your general physical appearance.

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This informations is intended only for general informational purposes and does not serve as medical or professional evaluation of any kind. Consult a licensed personnel for any doubts or medical conditions.


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