Knowing and Overcoming Procrastination: The Ultimate Guide

Knowing and overcoming procrastination can not be overlooked if you want the best out of life. Ordinarily, people wonder why things are not getting done the way they ought to be and have asked some questions at some point if really, its procrastination or just being lazy. Procrastination means different things to different people and it is a major barrier that prevents individual from getting things done and making the right decisions. Knowing what procrastination means will help you overcome it. Again, understanding a thin line between actions and intentions when it comes to daily or long term task will guard you towards fulfilling that task. With a meaningful understanding of what procrastination really means, you can overcome it by simply knowing when to put actions to work. It is important to figure out how to stop it from robbing you of your goals in life.

Know What Procrastination mean

Procrastination means an action of delaying or postponing anything that is meant to be done. it can be further explained as intentional delay of starting or completing any task despite knowing a deadline or negative consequences. When a high priority task is replaced with lower priority task, the actions of giving low attention to that high priority task can be refer to as procrastination.

For instance, as a student that is preparing for exams and you need to get all the previous course work submitted before a deadline. Because you know all the material is within your reach and can be easily printed and edited, you choose to wait till the last day of submission. On the said day of submission, your computer becomes blank and you cannot print. Ordinarily you are stressed out physically and mentally because that does not look good and will affect your semester result.

Procrastination is very detrimental and has been associated with a range of school stress and low grades  This is one of many example. Another is when an engine light comes up on dashboard and you ignore it to the point that it affects your engine therefore causing you to spend more on repair than you should have done with just changing the oil.

When you procrastinate, it becomes difficult persuading yourself to do things that you should have done. Rather than working on important task or engaging in productive labor, you channel your attention to performing unimportant activities. Knowing and overcoming procrastination will make you achieve daily limit of set goals.


Some Reasons Behind procrastination

When you notice some elements of procrastination in your tasks, try and be honest with yourself and to tackle the reasons that make it difficult to put actions to work and stop the mindset of intending to get to work. Be reflective and pick the one that could apply to your daily activities and read till the end to see what you can do to overcome the habit of not getting things done. Knowing these reasons will help you overcome procrastination.

Overwhelm Feeling

Getting overwhelmed over a thing or situation can occur due to some reasons, such could be large number of task or a very small task that require processes and steps to getting them done. When this type of feeling occurs, there is tendency to avoid starting on the task  by trying to get all the requirement that makes up the task process. you might say to yourself am getting it done, after all am organizing all that is needed for the work. The more you plan to set up all the requirement, the more exhausted you become before completing the task.

Wanting To Be Perfectionist

Some people procrastinate as a result of always trying to be excellent in any task. Perfectionism can cause you not to start any task at all due to fear of making mistakes or having flaws in the task achievement. Remember that no one is perfect and at everything we do in life, learning is constance because no one is a master of all. If you are in this group of perfectionism, reworking or revisiting a project will cause an indefinite completion because you have the doubt within your mind that things are not where they’re suppose to be.

A good example is myself, when i was pregnant, i had all the time to get my blogging site up and running but i kept postponing it to when i can conveniently start it forgetting that no matter what i start with, its still wont be as perfect as i want because it requires time and constant practice. Similar example to someone trying to start writing a book, because they want every line or sentence to be perfect, they delay and do research upon research, at the end not getting started at all. The person forgets that even after writing, someone needs to proof read and edit before it can be finally put out for public use.

Some people could argue that being a perfectionist can sometimes lead to a very high productive task completion, hence not making them to actually procrastinate but enhancing their job completion in an orderly way. Therefore perfectionism is not always a flaw, as it can lead to total period of start to finishing any job. The moment you realize this is a procrastination pattern, you will be able to overcome it.


fear as a reason of procrastinating

This happens when fear of uncertainty comes into play whenever a job is suppose to be done. The fear of even getting started, validation from people, duration of the project, financial implication and so on. These list could go on. These can be a very difficult step to  overcome especially when you are face with  something outside your feed or specialty. It becomes too problematic and the anxiety increases and you continue to procrastinate. The intention of getting started begins to fade of and all the planned actions that would kick start the project or task becomes doomed. Knowing this as a problem to procrastination will help you to overcome it.

Except you confront that fear to conquer the anxiety, the effort to start might not come alive. At the end, you might miss out from something that could have taken you to another level of happiness in your life all because of fear.


Lacking Motivation

Motivation simply means a general desire or willingness of someone to do something. Sometimes you can have one or two reasons that makes you not wanting to either start or complete a task. people with lack of motivation will find themselves procrastinating, knowing in their mind that the desire to even get started with a task isn’t there at all. For example, a son that sees the parents do several jobs just to make the family comfortable, might not be motivated to follow the parent’s path even if both parents  were first class holders during graduation. The child might choose to follow another path of structure in life, like becoming a rapper, something that requires him to do on his own terms and ability just to make a difference.

Being unmotivated could result from external or internal factor. It has been shown that the people who are driven to complete a started task focusing on external channel of motivation generally procrastinate more .This is compared to the individuals who are driven by internal force of motivation. Another example is a student that is pressured to complete a graduate course in order to  claim inheritance left for him/her. The person in question is only forcing himself to complete the task in finishing the school, but will not value the reward of becoming a graduate.

Other Reasons For Procrastination

There are still many reasons why people procrastinate and some are listed as follows; fear of failure, depression, not having enough energy to carry out a task, setting abstract goals, unrealistic about having a negative feedback. The lists goes on and all appears to be inter related to one another with distinct reasons. Knowing the listed identified reasons will help you in overcoming procrastination. It will serve as a guide to always putting actions to work.

How Do I Know When Am Procrastinating

Am going to be very short and simple with this question. If your read from the beginning of this post, you should have some idea by now on  knowing when you procrastinate. When you begins to put aside any task till the last minute without any tangible reasons, have it in mind that you are procrastinating. It should not be missed with confusion or laziness. When you have the desire to do anything but see yourself struggling or cannot struggle to start, you are obviously procrastinating. When you realize and use the “P” word in place of laziness, it might get you right on track and gives you a better opportunity to tackle it as you become fully aware. The moment you know how procrastination works, it becomes faster to tackling every possible steps of it in order to overcome it.


How To Overcome Procrastination

You can hunt for articles, videos, or posts as much as you can, but knowing  and overpowering procrastination comes from within (inner will) most of the time. Except you include all you learn and know  into your daily routine, you will still be stuck as a procrastinator and may not overcome procrastination.

Learning self discipline, planning your day and being prudent with time can help you to curb some habit that make you procrastinate. Having a vision about what you want out of life helps enhance your skills and give priority to the things that matters. When you outline what steps to follow in achieving your vision in life, it becomes easier to strike out and include more list as you self develop. This can only be achieved when you accept the problems with procrastination and knowing them will help you to overcome them daily.

Knowing and overcoming procrastination is something that involves habits. Learning and developing good and new habits is very important for our personal development. When you develop the habit of getting things done, the energy required to do things becomes easily available compared to when you do not have the habit. You don’t just learn new habits to overcome procrastination. Proper planning and tracking of the steps in habit learnt will further make you overcome procrastination. Example, when you need to let go of certain things like unwanted friends, you easily dissociate without any form of trying to sugar coat the distance you’ve created. You can read more about quality friends over quantity friends from this link.

overcoming procrastination

Creating a daily to do list is very good for completing a daily routine. However, when the list becomes too long, it can freak you out and cause you to skip some of the listed item. This will further make you to push them forward to next day. Sticking to the list no matter what helps you prioritize and keeps you in check. Me personally, i learnt this a long time ago and really it has helped me achieved some tasks in a timely manner. Ordinarily i would have excuse of not completing most of the completed task, but it all became easier when i create a daily to-do list.

Knowing and overcoming procrastination involves you meeting with yourself privately. A time to reflect on the things that were done rightly will make you feel fulfilled and would want to achieve more task.


Main takeaway points From Procrastinating 
takeaway lessons from procrastination

There are numbers of reasons why people procrastinate as discussed above. Knowing and overcoming procrastination will guide you to making a better life decisions. Nonetheless, knowing the reasons is one thing and accepting to fight them is another. This depends totally on you if you want to overcome the grip of procrastination.

Now that you are aware of knowing and overcoming procrastination, what possibly could be your reasons of not putting some of these known actions to work.

In a nutshell, when you establish your goals clearly by defining them, it will enable you to develop a plan of action to achieving them. This Will break the force and reasons behind procrastination because you now know how to avoid and overcome procrastination. You will be happy with your life.


Thank You for reading and come back for more interesting keep it real posts.



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