Quality Over Quantity: The Ultimate Guide To A Happier Life

Quality Over Quantity
Quality over quantity appears to be a common phrase or term use in these present day often times, but the meaning and idea to individuals might vary due to level of understanding. Most of the times, the misconception of actually thinking that both phrase could differ minimally may cause a negative or positive impact when applied to one’s daily way of living. Different opinion of what quality over quantity means literally has given an insight to comparing both terms to the things that surrounds us and how well we make the best out of them. In long run before this generations, quality over quantity has been used in adages when basically explaining an ideology of productivity and focus.
With these insight, i will be explaining what quality over quantity actually means in the next heading.

What Quality Over Quantity Really Means

Quality is a very high level of value that is placed or assigned to a particular thing, situation, character or anything generally that connects to someone. It is a feature of characteristics that makes up someone which can be good, bad or ugliest as the case may be. While Quantity is a total of number or amount that is attached or assigned to someone’s general collection of material or immaterial items. It can be measured easily as a considerable amount or number.
Both terms comes handy when discussing valuable things that we do on daily basis. They may vary in terms of definition, however the connection between them to breaking a thin line in right path leads greatly to success in our lives.  Picking or choosing quality over quantity enables us to concentrate on what really matters to us in all ramification of life. The idea of this is to constantly allow our individual selves to always choose the best in whatever that concerns our daily habit. By doing  that, we will need to remind ourselves by all means using several effort and maintaining a good practice. There are many examples of quality over quantity scenarios which is detailed in the next heading.

Plain Examples of Quality Over Quantity 

Choosing quality over quantity opens and exposes you to experience a straight and more focus path in any aspect of your life https://zaiderrr.medium.com/.  There are numerous example why quality is chosen over quantity and few of them will be discussed as follows;


Time is everything


When ever you require time to do anything in life, be it fun, work or studying to pass an examination and just reading for fun, the depth at which you concentrate to achieve the best of that given moment is something that can only be attributed to quality timing. You might notice that irrespective of the amount of period assigned to each task, the depth of concentration determined the outcome and so quality timing will always have more depth than quantity timing. Again the adage of saying whatever someone puts his or her mind to achieve can be achieved, it does not necessarily mean quantity but rather quality which can be efforts to achieving any set goals.

No matter the length of time you assigned to any task, if not given a quality attention, the goal cannot be achieved. Prolonging time allocation to any task does not guaranty any successful outcome, rather when attended to in a more prioritize and quality duration will definitely yield to a better outcome.


quality diet


This is a typical example of what we eat on our daily basis. The amount of food we eat does not establish our daily required nutritional value, because if it does, then the category of binge eaters would not be classified as disorder eaters. Eating a small amount of high nutritional value food is much better and even more convenient than eating a large portion of low value nutritional meal.
Eating high quality food can help achieve some modifiable health results as they supply the body with the vital nutrients they require. Quantity food (low nutritional value) can cause problems to our health in general. Let’s take for instance between a burger and a protein bar snacks. Both of them are of different size and nutritional content differs. Burger is bigger than protein bar snacks, but the nutrient you get from the protein bar is higher from a regular king size burger.


The way to choose quality over quantity when it comes to shopping or spending one’s resources is to typically adjust to a standards within the things that give you sense of attachment https://lessbutluxe.com/. Its more like going for less but in a luxurious and fabulous ways. shopping for clothes can be tagged to things like what’s trending, fund availability, likes, desire and needs.
The most trending clothes can be just as expensive for nothing compare to a non trending outfit that is more quality. It happens that I have been in this situation of spending money to get quantity of outfits, but at the long run, when am expected to show up in an event, will discover that there is nothing actually on the hanger for me to wear in order to fit into the occasion am invited to attend. I learnt the hard way, and it was one of the best decision i made to always go for a quality clothing not quantity. have it in mind that it mustn’t be extra ordinarily expensive for it to be quality, it should be affordable and within your capability. Also note that taking care of the quality things you purchase is very important for it not to become quantity due to lack of maintenance.
When selecting and purchasing quality items, it requires time and standard especially when you are not familiar with it. Firstly, you will have to consciously develop the habit of picking quality items amid quantity choices. Selecting and purchasing quality items takes time, especially when you’re not used to it. You’ll need to train yourself to recognize those quality items within the abundance (quantity) of choices. But, as time goes on and you get familiarize with the quality over quantity, it simply becomes less stress and you will have more energy to make better decisions during shopping and spending.
You can decide to spend more fund on material things like clothes, shoes, perfumes than spending on acquiring a knowledge that can catapult you to another level of freedom. In comparing this examples, the fund spent on knowledge is a life time and will give you an edge over in life. However, the clothing, bags and perfumes will go out of fashion and still requires a replacement therefore causing more spending.

Quality Over Quantity Friends

good friendship


When you value yourselves, you tend to invest in the things that surrounds you. Having friends is a good idea but the question is what types of friends do you need to keep around you? Focusing on quality over quantity when it comes to friends should be the most desirable effort because its only a matter of time before a dominant influencer takes over.
Talking about couple of things in friends like relationships, mindset, activities and beliefs for example will bring either a positive or negative benefits to us. Some friends are mediocre and very discouraging not to themselves alone but to anyone that keeps them around. No matter the number of friends you keep, if they are not inspiring or making you see beyond your doubts in some instances, then their friendship should not be consider quality.
Most people may agree that having more friends means you are a good person. But i personally would say that keeping very few friends that are helpful and reliable cannot be compared to having larger number of unreasonable friends. Have you ever thought of calling on a friend in time of need which might not be financial. someone you just want to talk with to get yourself relief  from burden?  You’ll  discover that all the supposedly friends are not reliable and will not tell you what you need at that time.
Have you taken time to scroll through your phone contacts and to discover that other than your family members, there isn’t any reliable or trusted person that you can share a secret with. It is really disappointing right?  Focusing on the quality over quantity when it comes to friends brings more fruitful results in any set goal or goals. It will always add more value to your life and prevents any unwanted drama from people. It gives you some sense of confidence and sharing. After all, too much of everything is bad and its applicable to having too many friends around. quality friends over quantity reduces stress, saves us time and enhances our general mental ability.

Why Should I Go For Quality?

love yourself in quality ways


In life we all deserve better at every point of our life and yes i mean it that you deserve the best. If this could be the only reason you should choose or go for quality over quantity, then its a best decision you ever make. The quality support and uplift you get from mingling with every quality thing definitely enhances one’s total wholeness be it physical, mental or emotional.
Its an act of self love that is developed over time that constantly reminds you why quality is always better than quantity. Quality over Quantity prevents wasting energy on things that do not matter and by doing that, the quality of your daily habit becomes more worth than ever. With quality over Quantity, more focus directions to the things that makes us happy and productive becomes a norms in our day to day activities.

What Are The  Downsides Of Choosing Quantity Over Quality

Choosing quantity means being less selective and with this option of daily practice, it becomes too difficult to clearly make a quality decisions. It prevents idea that could propel you to another level of success or achievement in your life. Increasingly, dissatisfaction becomes a result in the things you tend to chase after in life without having a single contentment to show for it.
Opting for quantity over quality causes more distraction and eventually leads to causes of stress and even become a stressor to our mental capability.  Decision fatigue can occur when we are face with too many choices that we expose ourself to which is a consequence of not choosing quality over quantity.
One thing that comes to play whenever you decide not to choose quality over quantity is you tend to focus on short term goals and ignoring the values of what quality really means in goal achievement.  When the short term goal is not achieved, distraction sets in and leaves you too overwhelmed and unfocus, thereby getting you to a fresh frustrated beginning.

Enjoying Every Moment When You Choose Quality Over Quantity

relax your mind in a quality way


When things begin to fall into place as proposed from any set goal, our mind begins to naturally feel relaxed. This happens when quality is prioritize over quantity. The natural man begins to feel a way of self pampering. There becomes time to even listen to some soothing music https://youtu.be/AhYGz7M4JA4 practice some mindful meditations and engage in warm bath. All these further leads to more quality minded person and anytime the person is able to choose quality over quantity and leave a happier life.
you have all it takes quality over quantity
Irrespective of any examples or article that has discussion on quality over quantity, the achievement deeply is base on individual’s opinion and decision. Nonetheless i agree totally that quality will and always add more productivity to our daily lives than quantity would. 
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